CITI-UPM Financial Empowerment for Mature Women Programme

Introduction and Background

Past research findings by the Institute of Gerontology (IG), Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) have shown that on the average, many people particularly women, and more so from low income families, become much poorer by the time they reach old age. The main factor  that causes them to be poorer is lack of knowledge and skill  in effective money management and planning.  They usually face several barriers which include:

  • lack of knowledge and skills in budgeting,
  • irregular sources of income,
  • increase cost of living,
  • limited saving and asset planning for the future,
  • lack of exposure to financial products, and
  • had no plan for old age financial security

Realizing that Malaysia’s elderly population is fast increasing and many older persons are not aware of the important need to plan for their future financial security, IG has taken the initiative to promote Financial Education for women in their 40-60 age group.  This initiative is a collaborative effort with CITI Foundation.

Q 1.        What are the Objectives of this Programme?

To increase awareness for the need to plan for financial security in old age.

To ensure women are financially independent and empowered in their old age.

Q 2.   If I join this programme, how will it help Me?

This programme will educate mature women like YOU, by giving YOU easy and understandable information about finance  so that YOU can take action and use them to apply in your daily life. At the end of the programme you will know how to manage your own money , e.g :

* How to save money

* How to spend money wisely

* How to invest money wisely, and

* How to plan for old age security

¨ Ultimately, this programme will help YOU develop responsible financial habits.

Q 3. Who can participate this Program?

The first phase of the program is open to PERMATA (UPM) and NCWO members (women aged 40-60) with income less than  RM3,000.  All ethnic groups are welcome.

Q 4.      When & how long is the Programme?

The programme will be conducted in a 3-hour session once a week for 20 weeks. The program schedule will be identified according to the participants’ convenience. The sessions will be conducted by trained facilitators.

Q 5. Where is the Programme to be held?

The programme will be held at a convenient  and conducive place for the majority of the participants.

Q 6. Who are the Trainers?

The trainers will be dedicated volunteers from partner organizations who have experience in training and with Personal Finance background.

Q 7. How is the training like?

It’s going to be fun, full of interactive learning.

There will be short lecture to teach you the necessary knowledge you need.

There will be discussions, interesting games related to personal finance and interactive group work.

Q 8. How much should I pay to attend this program?

You don’t have to pay, it is FREE ! 

Light refreshments will be served during the training. It is also free.

This training is designed for YOU. Please join !

Q 9.      What other benefits do I get by joining this program?

Besides getting knowledge on how to manage and take charge of your own money, you will get other invaluable benefits too, example you:

  • know how to enhance family relationship
  • know how to communicate effectively
  • know how to stay active, healthy and productive
  • know how to adjust yourself in time of life events
  • have more friends
  • become more confident in facing your old age
  • will receive a Certificate of Participation
  • will be a better person, above all

Q 10. What is your advice for me?

Remember that, at what status your financial situation is, or at what stage your life is, there is always something for you to learn more and improve as well as enhance your life from this programme.

Think carefully, your action now will determine your future!

We advice you to take this offer and opportunity if you want to feel great when you reach your Golden Years.

Call us to find out more about Financial Empowerment For Mature Women Programme




OR call 012-2601183 (Ms. Nazileh)



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